Unmask the Lies You’re Telling Yourself

Unmask the Lies You're Telling Yourself. What is your true intent?Tonight, a woman reached out to me. She said she made $2 million last year helping clients. When we dug deeper, it turns out she invested 75% or more in order to eek out the less than 1/3 returns she saw, and that less than 10% of her clients are seeing the growth they projected.

The rest of the world sees her as successful for making multi 7-figures, while the reality behind the curtain is that she’s investing at least 4x what she’s seeing in return so even though she’s a multi-millionaire, she’s still in debt and worried about next month’s rent.

Now I get why her husband once told this same lady to be careful because I could see the truth below the positioning and could umask all the lies…

Now I can look at the amazing people I’ve worked with in 2016

And I see how 90% of my clients have made back 100x their investment from our time together… and 90% earned double or more than what me (as their coach) is earning…

It just boggles my mind…

I’m barely making ends meet while and some of them are selling pipe-dreams based on lies.

So this year I learned to say no.

It nearly led to me giving up… yet I refused to give in to their rationale that mind-washing is “the way it’s done”.

Learning to say no to the biggest players in the industry has been one of the most painful fiscal lessons of my life.

For those of you working with me for the greater benefit of all… I love you to the moon and back. For those of you leveraging my brain, reach, skills, and Ritzy-ness… I see you, I still love you, and I ache for what you’ll never have…

Self Love…

I look back at my life and remember a time before I’d ever heard this term. I remember a time when I was vapid middle-schooler asking, “is this all that life’s about?!”

Giving Myself Permission

I remember GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION to give a big ol middle finger to the fuckers saying, “That’s GAY” and unintentionally paving the way for an entire movement of acceptance, diversity, and caring honesty to be birthed- now called the gay-straight-(and 15 other variations between the 2 ends)-alliance.

Can you imagine when I realized my lil safe-space club went down in history books as one of the first of ten gay-straight-alliances to officially be recognized nationally?!

At the time I didn’t have the vision to know I was paving the path of the future

All I knew was that what I was seeing was NOT okay.

So many lessons wrapped in this lil statement…

If I can verbalize one thing, it’s that I could care less if you make $50 thousand or $500 trillion, what I care about is what you think about the character of the people paying to get your support.

I look up to ALL of my clients, and my HAPPY billionaire clients get that is has nothing to do with earning their billions – it has to do with their perceived level of service. My UNHAPPY LESS-THAN millionaire clients struggle with the fact that their clients earned more than them.

Well fuck spending $500k on a coach who doesn’t care.

And fuck spending $5k on a client that only cares about the sustainability of their dollar.

I choose to invest and re-invest in the experiences filled with game-changing visionaries who see that each dollar they spend will be a ripple in the reflection of lasting life changing actionable difference.

For my entire career, my clients have made more than me… And though in marketing la-la-land, I talk about how I quote-unquote “made them”, all I’ve done is step in at opportune moments to shift their macro lens to a fisheye.

You are living the exact model you wish to become.

How’s that working for you?

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