A Crucial Step to Communicate Your Message

I’ve been using a made-up analogy for about 2 years and the exact same thing happened in real life…

I’m on a call with a client, a recorded zoom session, and someone knocks at my front door.

Now I live in a gated area, and in the 1+ year I’ve lived here only 2x have people knocked on my door – once for a package that required signature, and once the rental handyman to fix an immediate problem.

So when this strong rat-tat-tat happens at 9am and my guard cat start meow-howling about people at the door, I ask my client if she can hold on so I can see who’s there.

And who’s standing on my stoop? Solicitors.

“I work from home. You’re disturbing a recorded client call.” SLAM

Okay, so maybe I acted a little harshly. I’m out of practice dealing with solicitation.

Seriously though. I’ve set my life up to be convenient for myself and my clients. I choose things like remote locations and gated rentals on purpose.

When you earn a living from working in your creative genius zone, isn’t it sacrilege to pop the creativity bubble?

My friends get it.
My students appreciate it.
My clients treasure it.

Non-entrepreneurs scratch their heads in confusion at my curious actions like disabling doorbells and requests for all social activities to be booked like appointments.

My front door looks like any other…

If you know my business, then you know you’re coming for a sales page, or a writing course, or if you’re heading to retreat to write a book.

What you might not know is all the other stuff that comes with it… the deep understanding of self, the revealing of your core philosophies, seeing the potential shapes of your decisions and desires, watching the matrix unravel as you learn the tools that once seemed head-banging-worthy in the worst of ways.

I’m not going to give you some blueprint or map to get what you want. I don’t have the magic formula to turn you into an instant success overnight.

What I do have are the right questions to ask. What I offer is merely a way to listen from within…

Those who know OF ME come to my front door.
Those who know me walk around to my back door.

If you know me, then you know that if you go to the back door, the dog won’t bark because we’ve trained him to think only friends come to the back door. And since the dog-barking never started, the recorded webinar wasn’t interrupted, and the sleeping baby upstairs didn’t get disturbed during nap time. And… crisis adverted!

Now, if you know me for real, then you know I don’t have a back door, a dog, or a baby…

But I do have recorded calls.
And a loudmouth cat. 

And I admit – the backdoor of my business leads into a seemingly different house altogether.

That’s how one of my international clients knew she could pick the dates for “Stories That Sell LIVE” by emailing her request within about 2 hours of me announcing my intention to hold an event.

It’s how my friends managed to seemingly trick me into creating a “Pinch Pages” product where I teach them my personal website sales system.

It’s how my past students and friends helped me design a “Signature Stage Talk” mastermind that is nearly filled before it even launches.

And how even though I call it “Write Your Book in Paradise” those who know me know they can come work on any part of the book platform process at retreat – because they know a book is not a book, it’s a text, website copy, curriculum, signature talks, seeded offers, a transformation-tool, business lead generation, a legacy, and an entire business platform…

So now I ask you. What’s your business front door? And what would I find if I came in from the back?

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