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A Story From Steph...

Steph Ritz

Hi, I'm Steph and I've been positioning people with their website copy for over a decade.

I know how to voice your passions in a way that resonates with your tribe.

I'll guide you to use your authentic voice in your marketing so your writing converts readers into buyers.

Over the past 13 years, I've been a sought after writing coach and retreat facilitator, having represented internationally acclaimed artists, authors, marketers, educators, coaches, and corporations.

My professional path started as a hobby in 2002 – doing what I love to do: talking to people and shaping their ideas into words that support and forward their careers.

My first published piece online was a biography of a musician that would stay in place for nearly a decade.

Then I helped my step-dad transition his art business online, weighing in on website copy, layout, design, marketing strategy, and more.

I was instantly in love with my new understanding of the Internet as a business medium –where words are used harmoniously with design to reach an audience larger than previously fathomable.

(Even being an internationally acclaimed artist, there was a huge deficit in outreach without a website.)

All the while, I continued focusing on diverse perspectives and multiple intelligences through professional photography, writing, and as an educator.

Then my mom’s cancer came back. Three weeks of vacation became three months of terminal caregiving.

ritz group
Mom and me

From the research I did, it was totally expected. Knowing what to expect and when still didn’t make the relapse any easier.

I had one month of training in the summer of 2008 with my mom before I had to take over the family art business. I only two more months with her before the end of her life. And this was only two years after my step-dad, the artist, passed away.

With 3 courses left in my undergraduate work before student teaching, I found myself instead putting school on hold and running a business a thousand miles away from my university and my grandma (I was her a caregiver).

When you take on your parents’ dying wish, life’s perspective changes rather quickly.

My step-dad (the artist) died trying to get his autobiography published; my mom died trying to accomplish his dream. So it was up to me, and whew, did their wish come true! A straightforward autobiography became a beautiful dual-text coffee table book with a biography to match. Published. Gorgeous. Hard work.

Truly, running a business and working on a book project was not at all what I had planned. But it wasn’t the first time I’d followed the path that was presented instead of the plan I’d envisioned. It’s only with trust that I was able to move forward with confidence and negotiate a $90,000 contract for my first book project.

And each step has taken me closer to my heart’s passion... Giving voice to those who would otherwise never be heard.

For years now, I’ve loved working with others to co-create their dreams… into books, magazine articles, products, and website copy.

No matter who I’ve represented, it’s always been with a nod to educating their audience in a way that resonates; it’s always been about organizing big ideas to help others heal.

I love all that my clients strive to share with the world. I feel lucky and grateful every day – genuinely appreciative for them!

My entire life has trained me to help others write for an online audience, and my professional career has supported my desire to help others.


 Together, we’ll explore the realm of possibilities.
You know they’re endless, right?

It’s time to resonate with your community!

There are tons of magnificent people (like you) who need help making sense of your uniqueness in a way that resonates with your online community.

That’s a huge part of why I’m passionate about mentoring professionals on how to write stellar website copy and books, be effective on social media, develop their voice, and learn how to better engage their community.

Now I’m offering my specialties to those who are really ready to:

  • Share their visions with their community and be heard.
  • Make a better future for all.
  • Invest more of themselves into their business.

It’s time to develop your writing! Shape your ideas into action...

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I felt naked, like Steph could see right through me. She saw everything I thought I was hiding from the world - Steph took my heart and turned it into words.



Steph is an extraordinary listener, who listens to what's behind the words, to extract the unique and powerful messages for propelling heart centered entrepreneurs, and celebrities to business and personal success.

GINA LAVERY | Intrapreneur Corporate Coach


Steph is fantastic! She has so much knowledge and she has been instrumental in helping many of my projects gain refinement and have a clearer voice. I’ve learned the fine workings of running an online business, and my website looks great!

She really knows how to pull things out of me and put them into words so that my message is exactly what I meant to say. Steph is very intuitive, kind, and is genuinely interested. Her work is polished and she’s invested in helping my business grow. I love working with her!



Steph is not only an organization wiz but also a fabulous writer goddess. Steph holds sacred space for me to become comfortable expressing my truth in written form.

When we started working together, I was attending local trade shows a few time a year. Now I host my own online radio show where I can help 100,000 heal weekly.

MEILIN EHLKE | Sacred Sound Healer

Your credibility is the best way to position your expertise. 

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