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I invite you to explore what it is about you that motivates and inspires others. This is your space to voice your passions efficiently and effortlessly.

We'd be a great collaboration fit if...

  • You're looking to have your book/copy interviewed out of you.
  • You want the guidance of a seasoned editor as you develop your words.
  • You want personal accountability and a clear plan.

We'll work with your big idea and look at ways to build strong foundations for a successful book to build your business platform.

Bring your business to the next level of success. You are the only one with your unique knowledge set – it’s your experiences and your understanding that people need and want.

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Writing that engages people into action is my natural gift.

Back in 2003, my first published positioning story was for a musician, and he used it as a stand-alone sales page website to get booked for over a decade.

Around the same time, I helped my step-dad transition his art business online, weighing in on website copy, layout, design, marketing strategy, and more.

I became fascinated with reaching diverse perspectives and multiple intelligences through writing that deeply resonated with the reader with website copy that converts the reader into a buyer.

Though I didn't know it at the time, it started my successful journey as an accidental entrepreneur, living a laptop lifestyle and living a life that allows me to serve you - to help you serve so many more...


Story is the best way to show gratitude for the very personal insights life has offered you on your path to today.

Explaining what I can do and what I love to do through story allowed others to see my passions like a sticky note stuck to my forehead.

I finally admitted to the excuses that were keeping me from reaching my potential as an entrepreneur.

Now I fully admit my hopes and dreams, and share the tools I use to get aligned with a goal-oriented path to success. The results have been astounding.

Pull the precise stories that'll best position your expertise - using your personal experiences to share your credibility.

steph ritz

••• Writing with Steph •••

The Key to Authentic Writing

You have to create an experience with your words so the people who are waiting for the transformation only you can deliver are able to fully receive your gifts. Marvel at the ability to reach and resonate with an audience larger than previously fathomable.
Make sense of your reality for your tribe by connecting to their experiences through their emotions. Effective writing is making your words come alive so vibrantly they leap off the page to grab your tribe's attention.
Allow your tribe to experience the same things you saw in your journey to becoming the expert you are today. Need help making sense of your unique gifts or online offerings? Know what you want to say but you’re not sure how to say it?

Choose Your Experience

Private Coaching

One 30-min sessions: $397
(Webpage Audit)
Two 90-min sessions: $2,997
(Book Outline / Curriculum Guide)
Four 90-min sessions for $4,997
(Any one module of Writing That Converts)
Eight 90-min sessions: $10,000
(Book Editing, Website Development, Campaign Launch)

Work with Steph Ritz to pull the precise story to best position your expertise - using your personal experiences to share your credibility. Developing your voice and creating all the words to carry your message takes dedicated attention.

Build your business with a solid structure for your project with a solid proposal and outline aligned with your heart message over TWO 90-minute sessions. Already have your draft or looking for guidance to make it happen? Develop the message of your book text with a submission reviews of up to 30,000 words.

Create crystal clear communication with a consciously designed message aligned with your passions and purpose, walk through your pro photos and stock images to decide how to implement your visuals and/or be guided through selecting a color palette that calls to both you and your ideal audience.

What Steph's Clients Say:


Steph is an amazing help - my support and edge pusher. I don't know where I'd be without her! I'd be struggling - that's for sure!


I could tell this was going to be amazing for me and my business. She helped me lay the foundation for the culture of my business, as well as making delegation so much easier.

I hired her because from every encounter we have, I walk away feeling like she has organized some part of my life or business that I was blind to. She has this way of seeing things that leaves me in awe ALL of the time.

I can not recommend working with her enough. She is fun, sweet, serious, EXTREMELY productive, and makes sure that your needs are getting met. She doesn’t just give out a template, and let you figure the rest out. She is there with you, making sure that you get what you and your business needs, and makes sure you are doing it.

CRISTINA LASKAR | Founder of Connectavid


Steph has an amazing gift of finding the words I actually meant to say and then writing them in a way that really connected them to who I want to serve. She took the essence of what was already there and then changed it in a way that really bridges the gap between what I do and what it is that people are looking for.

I’m so grateful and excited to have a website that I’m truly proud of. I finally have words that clearly describe what I do. I so appreciated having Steph pull the words out of my head so I didn't have to.

BRIAN WHETTEN | Selling By Giving


I was having an issue with my words. I had all these funnel pieces, website copy, and upcoming book chapter that I knew I needed to somehow write out. Frankly, my ideas were really unorganized so I reached out to Steph.

My first Deep Dive Day with Steph turned into nearly half of my chapter for the Conscious Love Book, an International Bestseller plus a long story sales page for Power Couples Project. We worked on getting my voice clear and now I'm able to concisely communicate what I do to the right people while asking twice as much for enrollment.

It was such an incredible day getting to hang out with Steph, I had to do it again, plus sign up for her Write Your Book in Paradise retreat. Now she’s my writing coach and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her guidance.

She's more amazing than I could have imagined. How good I thought she was in her genius zone was far under what I actually experienced. The coolest thing was watching my wife be coached by Steph on the exact process I’d been through myself. Watching my wife transform in front of my eyes was amazing.

ALAIN TORRES | Power Couples Project


I am thankful for Steph's skill, expertise, and writing wisdom! I am so thrilled with the outcome of our process together. I feel prepared to move forward with the final aspects of the website...and I have enthusiasm to do so! Who knew?

I feel like we broke through a barrier. I've been sitting on my business website for a year because I was struggling with how to write the content. And then I met Steph and realized I'd have the support I needed and was looking for.

My work with Steph helped me see my own inner barriers and helped me find my voice. It's funny, I can find my voice when teaching, but struggle when writing. What was really beautiful for me is that she allowed me to be able speak what I want to offer and helped me to find the truth of that so I could get it into words and put it out on a website.

The crux was from one Deep Dive session to the next. Our first session was me having to sit in the fire of it, to get to know Steph, and to feel her support - to know she was going to be with me. It helped to see what she was doing with my words - it helped me to see what I'd already written without even realizing it.

I think it was building trust and seeing what Steph could help me discover that allowed me to book a second Deep Dive Day before the end of the first session. Even though we still hit a little bit of a barrier on the most essential piece in the second session, I couldn't have broken through it as quickly had we not been through the first session.

This has been beyond my expectations of what I ever could have thought could happen. Honestly, I'm so grateful. Steph Ritz has such a skill - and it's not just a skill with words. I think she has a great skill of sitting with people and really holding that space for people to try to figure it out. It was a very cathartic experience and I'm going to have a great website because of it.

STEPHANIE LOPEZ, LISW-S | Director of Operations: Integrative Restoration Institute


Steph’s very compassionate and super insightful, not at all complacent. She’s very demanding but provides so much value and opens up your mind in a way that you didn’t know you could.

You see things under a new light, from a different perspective. This is done through very specific exercises that seem almost effortless - they ignite so much creativity and insight. The whole experience is life changing.

Tomas Reyes | Changing our relationship with food.

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